A walk

Life is a journey through stories,
one mind’s creation, divided,
as a game, imaginary maze, dream.
Perchance to wake, but how?
Lost in a walk through space,
noticing a leaf, a rock, bug, or face,
in a small enclosure, confined,
some wish to see, to burst out,
some continue to walk, indefinitely.

I meet you on this path, we smile,
I recognize the cosmos you,
but you can’t see it in yourself.
My heart whispers to yours,
“see…please come home with me.”
And as you smile, lost in thought,
and walk away on the path of stories,
I remain, watching you lovingly,
wondering … how can you see this joy?

All I have are questions. For you,
to see, guide your heart home.
Will you listen? Answer?


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