The little spoon

Our way is compassion,
boundless love expressed,
infinite hugs gifted,
innumerable words sung,
heart presented each moment,
each breath.
The Big Spoons,
cuddlers of those with woes,
boo-boo kissers,
cosmic dancers of love.
Sometimes, we weep,
when we see your pain,
our hearts melt with yours,
transmitting healing
through undepletable energy,
universal light, cosmic light.
We are syphons of gentleness,
forgivers of the “unforgivable,”
accepters of the “unacceptable,”
reminders that nothing is impossible.

But it’s nice to be the little spoon,
from time to time,
when we rest in your arms,
snoozing, purring, receiving.
And when you pour,
become the Big Spoon for a moment,
you can feel the joy
that we always feel,
and your heart flutters,
as ours once did.
And you too start the beautiful
dance of the Big Spoon.


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