Awake, suddenly,
as a newborn babe,
face to face with a new life,
sleepies still in eyes a bit,
fresh perspective alit,
unmistakable, as first breath.
Excited, a bit shaken,
a surge of energy
making knees weak,
heart aflutter,
feeling oneness for the first time,
raw, powerful, begging full surrender.
Heart is open, beating,
mind still a bit cloudy,
“what is this?
could it really be so?”
“Yes,” heart whispers,
“dear mind, it is so, truly.”
One. But, goodness, so many!
How to make sense of it all?
Patiently, gently, heart cajoles,
keeping you warm, safe, loved,
all along. A journey.
Mind, truly like a babe anew,
does not know what to do.
Excited urgency flows,
curiosity and joy. Woo-hoo!
Balance, please, balance,
it begs of the heart.
Rest, dear one, rest.
Breathe, dear one, breathe.
Gently up the stream now,
our adventure begins.
As a child, drawing first picture,
magic unfolds, with each line, each dot,
it comes together, in time.


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