Why has been my closest friend,
the one that helps me find the end,
and beginnings infinite, innumerable.
Why has been the joy I sought,
the peacemaker in disguise,
but now even why is sleeping
while my heart is gently bleeping.
How can it “gently bleep?”
That’s the point that I seek.
Confused enough to drop the why,
the mind, the way, the whole mess,
and see the door of eternal bliss.
Walking through is hard to do,
you cuss me out for even asking,
though your heart knows its missing,
mind ruling over all it’s kissing,
not free yet, yet so close.
The battle fastens as you wake,
mind and heart in tight embrace,
mind on top, you shout “oh no!”
heart on top, you shout “lets go!”
Who will lead your life, you say?
Why, why, why, it plays this way?
What madness we must pass through
to see the sun in all its splendor,
if ever, if only, if even possible …
Mind. Heart.
Wait. Why?
Why do they even have to fight?
Why indeed.
You ask and see a glimmer, for a moment.
Will you pause here?
Why do they even have to fight?
Mind, powerful as it is,
heart, in all its longing,
both beautiful. Why?
Answer that my dear friend.
Freedom’s waiting at why’s end.
And then, a new beginning.


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