Trying the impossible

It’s true.
It’s not true.
It’s both.
It’s neither.

Keep quiet.

Don’t follow any path.
Don’t introduce new paths.
There’s already too much confusion.

Just laugh.
Understand it does not really matter.
Once you are enlightened
your vision is so clear.
In that clarity, everything shows its life.
That life is One. Not two, not three, not billions.
Just one. Just like this.

Enlightenment is so light, so loving, so peaceful.
Just like laughter.
Not heavy, not burdensome, as some teach it,
tell to hide it, make it this secret, cult, unreachable.
People then ignore it, fear it.
Nobody likes a serious person.
Say “bull shit!” Call their bluff!
Enlightenment is entertainment.
Instantaneous laughter,
as when tickled silly.
Completely, and utterly free.
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you.
Let’s get enlightened and shout it out!

When the mind is gone,
you are just like a small child.
Laughing spontaneously.
And small children always tell the truth.
Don’t they?

Enlightenment is laughter.
That’s it.


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