covert Zen master, cosmic transmission

O: “Who is your teacher?”
Z: “Who is Asking?”
Z: “Who teaches a bird to fly?”
O: “It just knows.”
Z: “Why do you think a teacher is needed?”
O: “But it is, you can’t do it alone.”
Z: “Whose rule is that?”
O: “I don’t know.”
Z: “Then why do you believe it?”
O: “I don’t know.”
A: “Keep ‘don’t know’ mind.”

Ego meets larger force,
butterfly or cloud,
person or own nature,
piercing the shell
and confirming truth;
a great hope, a wish,
for a natural understanding,
a remembrance of the moon,
shining right here
for all to see.
Hello True Self,
nice to see you again!


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