Teacher? Is that so?
With their words they say
“be free, non-attached,
let go, breathe,”
but they are attached to
husbands, wives, lovers,
mantrams, studios, idols,
holding on to views and image,
certifications and titles,
and worst of all money;
“follow me” they say.
A true teacher sits under a tree,
and says “I’m just a friend,”
certified only by your own heart.
Better yet, true teachers are
your own eyes and ears, skin, heart.
Watching each moment unfolding,
the dance of life, everyday stuff.
Your teachers are your friends,
mother, father, and even enemies,
those that get under your skin,
and those that make your heart leap.
Stars and mountains, oceans, birds,
flowers and trees.
And the best teachers
are your questions.
All keymakers making your
unique key.


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