Animal World

Why is the world out of whack?
Or is it really out of whack?
Whack! Aha!
It is not out of whack
and when you see, you will laugh.
Young humans are animals,
born into this world,
fresh from being monkeys,
donkeys, raptors, and birds.
They bicker, they fight,
they kill and they fear,
this all explains the human despair.
A cat wants to jump, horse wants to prance,
but a human body can only do a dance.
The energy raw of animal realm
intelligent humans cannot comprehend.
Eons it takes for the brain to adapt
reform the groves to fit the new hat.
When with x-ray vision engaged I see,
this one was just an eagle, that one just a bee,
and that one a puma, a cheetah, a fish,
look how he eats out of that dish!
Looking thus I laugh, and with open heart
affectionately approach as I would a cat.
Dear human, I see your confusion and pain
and need to adapt to this new vein,
your spirit wants to soar,
this body only walks,
this mouth only talks,
no wonder you roar!
So, the world is not out of whack,
just young, just learning not to crack,
and those who are older, wiser, and see,
are here to guide, love, and appease.
The light has one source,
we are all connected,
learning to dance, think, love,
just as expected.
All cosmically accepted.


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