Imagine …

I like to play “imagine possibilities,
different ways to be, do, see.”
Imagine a world where money is no more,
people are kind and don’t hoard,
a hug is a gift instead of some soap,
a smile standard instead of a grope.
Mountains of trash replaced by parks,
homeless humans a thing of the past,
and angry hearts hiding in the dark
replaced by kind ones shining their light.
We wake together from the human dream
and end the ego monarchy regime;
unconditional love, laughter and play,
lace each and every new day.
Holidays not only a few times a year
but continuous flow of everyday cheer,
stress of “I must” lost in the dust,
echoes of joy, “we love” a new ploy.
This kind of world, I wish to see,
is it a dream or a possibility?

In honor of The Venus Project.


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