Shiny thing

A wo/man said:
“I was walking a path one day,
looking down at my feet,
and I came upon a shiny thing.
I picked it up. A wondrous thing it was!
In it, I saw a vast expanse of blue,
little white puffs floating along,
and a small dot here and there.
As I walked on, the shiny thing got darker,
and little twinkly lights started to appear,
some even flashed and quickly faded.
In my hands I held it tight, so magnificent it was,
changing, a magical show. And I walked on,
and on a long time like that. Suddenly,
I bumped into something and the shiny thing
in my hands shattered in a thousand pieces.
It was gone! I started crying. Then, a gentle voice said:
‘Ah, I see, this was a mirror, a mirage, illusion,
you thought it was real. Ha ha, look up, dear friend.’
For the first time, I looked up, and saw …
… everything!”


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