On life, today

Being in the world today,
earth so beautiful, colorful,
what marvelous views to see,
nature perfect, flowing.
And humanity?
Such complexity!
One posts about stray animals
on Facebook
and asks others to adopt,
yet a stray human,
real, on the street,
no one even takes a look.
Another one
looks at specks of light
dancing on the screen
in a dark room,
yet a rainbow in the sky
remains unseen
by that human eye.
And in the hand,
that cold little
electronic device
becomes a solace,
forgetting the warmth
of another’s touch.
Oy, oy, oy!
Catch the infection of curiosity,
feel snowflakes on tongue,
raindrops on cheeks,
open eyes to see the smiles,
and arms to hold
those that still weep.
“We are one” is heard as echoes,
but today, not yet seen.
And tomorrow?
We build a new reality.
A new today.

If that does not work,
go to Plan Be.
Be simple. Be one.


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