Just semantics

What some call god, or spirit,
brahma, ohm, tao, or natural law,
is all one and the same,
just different invented words.
Once felt, this essence is wordless,
nameless, seen in all, is, just is.
One who sees one,
simply smiles, sometimes laughs,
at the complexity of paths
that are concocted by
those who don’t see…
games to be played,
prayers to be prayed,
thoughts to be thunk,
all great ships to be sunk.
Even these words are
just semantics.
Yet, all as brilliant doors,
calling, teasing, begging
to be walked, for a time,
until the moment of
direct seeing,
knowing with the heart.

And what do we do then?
Why, once out of the path-trap,
we just play, enjoy each day,
just as it is. Breath by breath.


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