Life Force

A long time ago, eons in fact,
there was a small ball,
a seed, floating in space.
No one knows why, a mystery,
it popped and made history.
From this one little seed,
everything was born,
yes, everything.
Things we can touch and see,
sounds, invisible forces,
and the most magical of all,
the life force.
Now, you may wonder,
how is this so, impossible it seems,
like a distant dream.
No, it is only a failure of memory,
because of all complexity,
distorted perception of limited,
clouded, human brain.
But once in a while, in the stillness,
quiet space between thoughts,
clear and bright, this answer arises,
or, some who are clever and curious,
discover the science
of those mysterious forces.
Life force wakes, we say.
Let’s get back to the ball:
as it expanded, evolved, changed,
like fractals, bits grew in all directions,
and still grow, continuing their expansion.
Stars are born and die, galaxies collide,
planets blow up, beings combine,
endlessly morphing from this to that,
that to this, and this to this,
held together as glue by forces,
some unknown yet, but here,
as invisible strings, tied by a knot,
in one distant spot.
And the life force?
Ah, that is the big question.
It too exploded from the ball,
expanding, transforming, passing,
sticking to this or that,
each birth a new beginning,
yet also a continuation.
We wonder what keeps it going,
imagine possibilities,
invent magical solutions.
But as all things
that came from the ball,
it is no mystery once we know,
a simple equation:
it wants. It wants to know,
and it wants to have fun,
love and explore.
Is there an end to it?
Is there an end to fractals?
That depends.
Do you want to know?
~ Therein lies the answer.
With no doubt, not a sliver,
like seeing the whole elephant,
it is so. A cosmic law.


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