How to clean a floor, or a mind:
It’s a slow change.
Consider a dirty floor, dusty, yucky, spotty
(and even shitty if there is a puppy or an old dog!),
but you know that underneath there is something beautiful.
So you decide to find out.
Will it just suddenly be clean because you want it to be?
Of course not.
That is not how nature works.
You have to get a broom and first sweep it.
Then get a mop and bucket and water and soap,
and then slowly wash it.
Then, you store away the broom and mop and bucket,
throw away the dirty water,
and you get out the polish and the rag.
Then you get down on your hands and knees
and you systematically polish, bit by bit.
At the end, you stand up and there it is,
the beautiful shiny floor you knew was there all along.
It is just like his with the mind.
No matter how dirty the floor is,
or how deluded/clouded the mind is,
they both can be cleaned to absolute brilliance.
It just takes time, a few tools, energy, effort,
and the vision that what you know is there
will be revealed in the end.

And then, you have to keep it clean,
by regular maintenance šŸ™‚


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