Monkey Mind (Still Flowing Water)

Lost in the maze of the mind,
awareness hopping here and there,
yet unaware of itself,
journeying through thoughts,
lost in thoughts that flow forever.
This one about past,
that one about future,
and this little one about now.
And off it goes again
as a monkey prancing
from branch to branch.
And then a moment comes
when something stirs within,
an undiscovered energy,
unexplored space,
infinitesimally small puff,
and the journey into now begins.
Awareness becomes aware of itself.
At first, only flashes, moments,
yet there it is,
seeing the monkey self.
It gets lost in the maze,
again and again,
while journeying this long path,
yet it wants to remember
the beautiful now,
the space between hops.
And as days pass, months, years,
it keeps waking to this space,
and wants to drop the maze.
As a veil slowly lifted,
clouds of thoughts part,
revealing brilliant light.
And in that light,
all can be seen,
just as it is, now.
And the world flows,
keeps flowing,
Still flowing water.


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