Only the wind knows,
I whispered to it
When I was flying on its wings.
Now I listen.
I can hear with my eyes, the sun,
Whispering to me.
On the warm sand my body rests
And my soul is up above with the birds.
I fly.
And the ocean waves caress me.
As they die away, the foam whispers.
The sand is drunk
From the drops in my eyes.
They whisper about the memories
Which the wind takes away.
I close my eyes and swim away in the past.
They take me to the forest.
My spirit finds its bed in the crown of high trees.
The branches embrace me and thieve sun rays
To give me warmth.
The leaves dance as the birds sing and the wing blows;
They give away whispers.
I lie in the grass next to the flowers and glittering animals.
The crickets whisper.
And the moon murmurs in the distance.
In front of my eyes, the stars dance and call me to join them.
Tranquillity raises me between them,
Sets me on a soft cloud and we share secrets.
My heart whispers.


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