A single wave thought itself alone in the ocean.
It rose and fell, seeing the others rise and fall beside it.
It thought it was one.  And it was in pain.
And it tried to connect, without realizing it was already connected.
It struggled, rising, falling, clashing.
And it saw the others doing the same thing.
Letting go seemed impossible.
Letting go seemed a dream.
And so it went, day after day.
One day, the current changed.
And the wave thought. Let me dive deep.
And it dove deep.
As it dove deeper and deeper, the seeming lines of separateness disappeared.
In the depths, the one wave realized it was not one, it was part of the whole.
It was water, like all the other waves.
They were all water, connected, flowing together in the depths,
rising together from the depths.
One, water.
And it smiled, for the first time, felt pure joy.
But the depths were dark and the wave wanted to return to the light,
to where the sun and the moon shone, to where the other waves played.
And it did.
It rose again, and fell again, on the surface, the playground for waves.
This time, however, it no longer felt alone, no longer felt pain,
it knew they were all water, all from the same depth.
Sure, they looked and acted a bit differently, but that made the wave dance more fun,
exciting, inviting.
And the sun, the moon, the stars, made them all sparkle, the same.
As this wave travelled across the surface, it gently touched the other waves,
whispered to them, sang to them about the deep.
For they too felt alone, they too wanted to feel the joy this little wave showed it felt.
And little by little, the other ones dove deep too, and felt for themselves.
And came back up to play, and sing of joy.
Sing of joy to the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the other lonely waves.

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