‘What is happening?’
I ask my troubled spirits.
One night eloped in the midst of stars
Hiding from this devastating reality,
From this place where I long lived in confusion,
And the hour is slowly coming
When all shall become nothingness
And the seasons will not change;
The gods will be heard among men,
Furious ~ taking away the light.
The ocean’s foam last seen
Illuminating the black horizon
One more time before death takes over.
The wind whispers his last words,
Tenderly stealing the senses,
Merging them with earth.
The soul is trapped with no egress,
Screams stopped in the bleeding throat,
Never to be heard.
Ah!  What has happened
After an instant I closed my eyes?
It all swooned in oblivion.
I feel them trudge with arms seeking
To touch the sky ~
Or what remains.
Men become skeletons, just bones
Kicking ones against the others,
Leaving chills along the spine.
It dawned upon me:
‘There is no restoration,
There is no deliverance,
It is time for the genesis of hell!’
The heavens reverted down under
Drowning in endless tears ~ acidulous.
At least, please let me open my eyes,
And let it be a vision,
A dream forgotten but remembered,
Preferably an illusive agony.
Let it be only a taste of martyrdom.
Silence!  Silence!  I demand . . .
I cower on hands and knees before you
‘Let me live!’


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