Who would have thought
That just a while ago
My world was without you,
Content, but still, a bit of a chill
In the coldness of night
And a bit of a void
Without you by my side ~
And now ~ your smile
Warms up my days,
Your loving arms
Warm up my nights ~
Our feelings abound
But the mind is still sound
To know what we found ~
Days will pass and years fly by
And each moment shall bring
More gentle delights,
Unexpected gazes that spark up
More unexpected amazes ~
Impatient but serene
Knowing that you are mine
And that I am yours ~
When heavenly sparks subside
And we are left standing
One before the other, bare,
With a still heart,
With wide open eyes,
I know now, even more than
When our hearts are on fire,
That you are the one
Who will cherish me ~
That I am the one
Who will cherish you ~

When the storms come, darling,
I want none other than
In your arms to find comfort,
And when the days are bright
I want none other than
Hand in hand with you to see ~
Your eyes to see each morn we wake
Your face to feel below the palm
Your heart to feel beat next to mine ~
Time is our friend,
With no beginning and with no end,
There is only the eternal now, in which
We discover new joys, in which
We craft our happy world
~ together ~


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