Are you my friend, as they say,
Or a thief of memories?
How content am I to have forgotten
The pain of the past, the sorrow
That once was…
Old wounds have healed
And I am standing bare,
Tabula Rasa now,
Ready for my life to begin.
Turbulent youth is past,
But my heart is still young,
My face awash with a smile.
My soul sings in anticipation
Of what is to come, so many joys,
So many new memories to make.
Gentle wisdom flows through me,
A peace I knew not before.
Life is laughter and love,
Life is friendship and sharing
Of hearts, of souls, of minds.
I painted a canvas and showed it
To you ~ memories past
That formed who I am now,
And the ones of today,
Yet to mold who I will become.
Yes, time is my friend, not a thief,
A sculptor of character,
An artist of wisdom,
A deliverer of peace.


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