It was a long time ago
In a land covered with snow
(Even mom did not know)
When the crickets slumbered
And birdies barely chirped
One little tale was born
One little tale of “once upon a time” ~
So sweet was the air then
So tender every touch
How do you compare that
To another time to come?
It sparkled, the little object
That the stranger placed in my hand
I did not know it then
All the treasure it contained ~
So, a child that I was
I played with it every dawn,
Every eve, every morn and every noon ~
Little by little, to my surprise,
It did not dull, but sparkled more ~
Perhaps it was the smiles,
The warmth, the love, the little touches
Of a child’s dove hand ~
Magic it was, whatever it was
Whether it gave it to me
Or I gave it to it
Perfect harmony was born
And it remained ~ until ~
One day I woke, looked down in my hand
And it was gone ~ gone to the wind ~
Gone with the air, gone with the birds ~
I looked everywhere for it,
Everywhere my little eyes could see
My little hands could feel
But it was gone and gone for good ~
Cried I did and begged the wind
To bring it back to me, my sparkly friend,
My magic weaver ~ but alas
It had joined the stars ~
Now, I do not remember what it was
But when I look up at the sky
I see a small sparkle there
That sparkles just for me ~
Maybe that is the sparkly thing
That the stranger placed in my hand
So long ago ~ in a land covered with snow ~

How I wish it came back to me …


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