Like a storm, they all whirl around
A billion souls, a thousand billion thoughts,
Wishes, dreams, desires ….
Riders we are on this wide n’ wild rock
Lassoing here and there a memory.


Calm the oceans of this world,
Calm the hearts and thoughts,
Feel the grass grow under our feet
And the heavens’ sweet breeze
Upon our cheeks.


What you sometimes think is beautiful,
Take a step back and take a second look.
Beauty, so complex and perplexing,
So elusive, so engaging, takes a while to
Truly touch where you know it’s worth to keep.


Time is the healer that we all tend to forget,
Time, that patient, persevering old friend ~
Lean on its shoulder, you will feel safe,
Lean and trust in its power to mend ~
In its power to make all dreams come true.


I have kissed some perfect lips
But only yours I long to kiss.
Everything that is you …. I love.
A constant companion …. we paint
Our world in words and images.


It the end, we all pass on ~
To that place where tomorrow is gone.
Remember us world, keep us well
Mix in our time with those that remain.
Collector of memories ………


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