Nowhere to go

Be still, there is nowhere to go,
just here, now, slow down enough
to notice the space between moments.
You are space, specs in a cosmic dance,
nowhere to go but here, now.
Slow down enough to feel, sense,
how each particle colors this dance,
and what is not known, yet, here,
part of that which is, is, is ….
Take a breath, draw it in, with your mind;
though it seems automatic, is it?
What energy is the knower of unknown,
the observer of unobserved?
You? Me? Us?
Why, all.
Transforming slowly, imperceptibly it seems,
yet does, is, is, is ….
All conditioned things connected, even
those alive, those unseen, unheard, untouched.
And the unconditioned? Where? When? What? How?
No questions can take you there, none.
Only seeing what is now, is, is, is ….
Everything becomes a journey to none,
slowly waking, spiraling, cooling, quenching.
And then? What? How? Where?
Then, vision transformed, with beautiful remainder,
just seeing, hearing, tasting, and dancing,
joy everlasting, peace unshaken, love,
guided by knowing of what is, is, is ….


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