Mind with barriers broken down…

Once there was a man, an extraordinary man,
who found Truth.  Truth so brilliant, pure, simple,
a balm to all who suffer.  The end, yet the beginning.
He wondered “will they be able to understand?”
and out of compassion and love, he decided,
“yes, I will share what I know for some will understand.”
Even one who fully understands is like a
brilliant gem unearthed from the muddy mess.
He shared for a time, until old age and death,
as all compounded things do not last,
all barriers in his mind broken down,
impressing upon others who are ready to see.
His last words “strive unceasingly” for Truth.
And this Truth, what is it?
Unlike compounded things which are impermanent,
Truth, uncompounded, unbound, quenched of all unease,
transcendental, unshakable peace, the ultimate.  Nirvana.
Words, compounded, conventional, are unable to describe.
Yet, so many men came after this man, and tried.
They cling to his words, interpret, and add,
yet, his message was “do not cling to anything,
purify your mind, be loving, wholesome, and free.”
The path is simple, beautiful, easeful, gentle,
can we see what he saw?
Impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, no-self,
through virtue, concentration, and wisdom,
purification, mindfulness, and peace,
the path leads to fruition –
mind with barriers broken down.
And what are the barriers?
Craving, hatred, delusion.  All that ails the heart.
Clinging to rituals, excess, ill-will, conflict,
conceit, being, forms, thoughts, feelings …
All fleeting, all unsatisfactory, all non-self.
“Avoid all evil.  Cultivate all good.  Purify the mind,”
he said.  Harmony within and without.
He loved all beings, big and small, visible and invisible,
a perfected human he was, superman,
seeing the Truth in everything and in “nothing.”
Yet, “do not worship me,” he said, but taste
the magnificent fruit of Truth for yourselves,
and what he left to the world is the Dhamma,
a message to see, understand, put to practice,
each and every day of our lives.
Can we see the Dhamma as he saw?
In every face, every leaf, rock, dew drop,
in all that is?  That was his gift.
A path to mind with all barriers broken down.


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