Little needle in a haystack

I will be me no matter what you say
True to my heart, true to my soul
If you like it, you can stay
If you don’t, please go away
There is no pretense, no foolishness
Ephemerons be gone!
What will be will be
Destiny works its ways
Always according to a plan

She wore a red kimono
That she picked out from all the dresses
Any one that her little heart desired
But such an artistic soul
Can only be when she stands out
In a crowd of a thousand soldiers
And one star-struck Count

She danced the night away
In her red attire
Painted with a Dragon’s talon
She danced in her own unique way
And took all their breath away

They all looked at her but none dared ask
At the end of such a lovely night
She went home alone ~

One day there will be One ~ only for her


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