Lingering thoughts of you and me

Listening to your voice in the dark,
Coldest of nights, warmest of days,
Sometimes not knowing where,
Sometimes not caring how.
And yet, when the moon wakes,
And the sun sets its tired rays to sleep,
You appear to me, out of nowhere,
Still in the bloom of youth,
Still with a smile in your eyes.
Then, my eyes twinkle,
Sometimes with tears and
Sometimes with gladness.
I remember how you were,
Now no longer here.
You used to carry me,
Call me “buca,” smiling and teasing,
But always loving me.
Always, always.
When I think of you, the clouds
Become a tapestry of pinks.
Early in the morning or late at night,
Or just a random passing thought
As I am going about my daily business,
Your eyes lock on mine like the first time,
And the World disappears, like then.
I wonder.
Do you miss me where you are.
Do you gaze in my direction at times.
Do you hover close to me always.
Always, always.
Tomorrow, I will come to you again.
Maybe another tomorrow
Of our very own we will form,
In that space where infinity is
Truly infinite, always.
Always.  Always.


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