The lake is still today,
Not a breeze to disturb its calmness.
It is a mirror to all the trees, to all the houses, people and animals.
All is still and yet, I can feel its soul, its everlasting chant about the
eternity of life.  It is whispering and only the spirits flying above
the crystal surface can hear its wise tale, its misfortunes, its happiness.
It contains the whole world in itself; the ocular illusion and the form of existence.
Little crabs and fishes flutter in its depths and ever do I know
~ my soul does too.

The morning is motionless today, the gods are at peace;
only the crickets murmur and some solitary bird
flies over the lake trying to catch a fish.
I become a bird and unite with the breeze taking me to the zenith of freedom,
to the harmony of bliss.
The green surface below me is reflexive and I see my white wings
majestically spread beyond the reach of humankind.
The lake speaks in circles disappearing in one another,
and I know it is the secret I long searched for,
I dreamt of in the days of agony.

The sun is now dancing its first waltz for the day,
illuminating the sky and waters; the town is awakening
and commencing in monotony the birth of a new day.
I close my eyes and feel the aura surrounding the trees
gently kissed by the drops of dawn.
I am below and above, merging the blue and the green,
the silver and the gold.
And the water steals my spirits drowning them in the depth
of its knowledge, everlasting thought,
till the eternal setting of the sun.


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