Invisible can be seen if you feel it strong enough that your senses can touch it.
Your eyes are blinded by abundance but your gaze touches all;
If only you want ~ you will remember.
The smallest and the greatest are nothing but a circle without center or circumference.
You are nothing and everything.
You are floating in the circle of life, going towards the infinity you choose,
And your choice will make you something.
Your heart is your guide to achievement.
The most important thing is to believe.  The rest is relative.
You will feel what you develop,
But learn to love yourself and find the best in others.
Be with people you admire, not with those that are like plants;
They do not live, they only exist and wait to die.
Go towards the creative minds,
with wonderful ideas,
with beautiful souls,
sensitive and tender,
Go towards the sky.
Give and know how to receive with dignity and honor.
Be patient and confident but still vigilant and oriented.
Unite your soul with other’s and your body with your soul.
You will achieve beatitude.


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