Grandpa’s garden

There are trees needing climbing,
Roses longing to be smelled,
Grandpa’s smile in every flower,
His soul in every scent.

Going back to a time, in my mind,
When all was simple and
Little heart filled with wonder ~
I remember now ….

Sitting in grandpa’s lap
His large warm arms around me,
Nuzzling to his chest and
Feeling the rhythm of his heart ~
Eki …. Eki …. Eki …. Eki …
Ever so slow, ever so fond.
And my little heart answering
Its gentle little song ~
Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa ….
Ever so fast, ever so amazed.

Why, grandpa, why?
The ever-urgent childhood question,
Always with a witty answer
Satisfying the curiosity of a small child.
Running, climbing, jumping, smiling.

Grandpa’s garden had its special magic,
Weaved just for me …
His love in every fruit,
His sorrow in every thorn.


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