Forget it

~ In case you forget ~

All~Mighty ~
I take you into my Heart.
You have graced me
With your Essence
Granting me the
Gift of Life.
I surrender to You
And I give to you
My Soul.

The puzzle is now
I finally Belong.
I Belong to You.
To do with me as
You please.
Lord ~ I now follow
The Path You have
Laid before me.
And I find Peace.


Do not fear,
My child,
Everything will
Be taken care of.
The World will
Laugh with you.

Thank you, Lord.

I accept your Gift.
The gift of my

Take it,
My child.
It is Yours
To cherish
Forever ~
I will take care of the rest.


It has been done.
It has been said.
It is now sealed.
I Love You.
“The Essence”


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