Come hither with me, dear friend,
I will guide you through this unexplored land,
walking hand in hand we will see
strings of fabric forming reality.

Look there in the distance, yet not far away,
a girl crying, lost and alone, laughter faded,
a boy angry at the world, smiles forgotten,
a kitten, a dog, a sparrow, hungry and cold.

“But what can we do?” you say, as a prayer,
the answer hidden away, seemingly so far away.
What can we do, little ones too, and how?
Open our hearts, listen and see, touch.

Each soul in sorrow longs to be seen,
lost in the shadow of momentary fright.
Our light, though, so strong and bright,
illuminates even the darkest of night.

A smile melts enmity, like knife through butter,
laughter melts sadness, like ice melted on a sunny day,
an embrace melts grief, like warmth on cold nights,
knowledge melts doubt, like sudden light in darkness.

Dear one, you see, we are all connected,
as beads on a string, and our energy of love,
as the string itself, touches one and all.
And us, though small, can make a big difference.

Take my hand and come with me, see,
the world awaits, with all its joys and shadows,
champions, companions, friends, to guide,
with warmth, out of darkness to light.

And as you see, and feel this inner force,
you will come to know, just as I do,
that love is invincible, steady and true.
Out of one, come many, rippling,
shining bright as stars in the night,
illuminating this wondrous path.


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