Sometimes the Universe chooses our destiny
And god Herself enters our soul
And lays a path before us
None other than the spirit’s need
And if we let go and flow in the divine plan
In an instant, we become angelic
Impregnated with her grace ~

~ ~ ~

At the moment we realize
That we are beholding a beloved
… without ~ the soul becomes dry
and days become long without a touch
~ nights, sweet ~ eyes, shine ~
the mind may be there, but lost for a time
in that mysterious space we call bliss ~

~ ~ ~

Without you, I cry ~ I ache ~
Not even knowing how fragile a creature
I can become ~ in love ~
If you leave, leave now ~
For I cannot bear the pain of another loss
And I cannot bear the sting of another miss
Bonded to be ~ I must bond completely ~

~ ~ ~

To me ~ now ~ you are divine ~
An Angel appeared from the sky
To carry me in arms of forgetfulness
And slowly come to complete awareness
Awaking in your embrace ~ reborn
Smiling a thousand smiles to you
Each one filled with my entire heart ~

~ ~ ~

Be gentle beloved, be kind to me
And I will be gentle and kind in return ~
Giving understanding where such is needed
Patience when life calls for it, guidance
When you falter, strength each day of our lives
And love, each night, each moment, always ~
You are my rock and I shall be yours ~

~ ~ ~

We thank thee, heavens, for you have given us
That which our hearts always longed for ~
Now not two but beating in unison as one ~
And we shall treasure one another
And honor thee and thy every design
Accepting thy gifts with grace and thankfulness
Bonded now ~ with this golden circle of life ~


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