Dear King

Dear king, I hear your song,
dhamma, deep within my heart.
Excited I am, joy overflowing,
abounding the mind.  Singing
praise and thanks, with tears in eyes…
humbled and in reverence.
For yes, this release from pain eternal,
born from rich wanting, is like
a warm spring day after icy storms.
And your words, ever so soothing, ever so tender,
calling my heart to be safe,
never intoxicated, not to forget
how it was.  Compassion abounds,
for to know myself thus, is to know
all other souls who still slumber,
who also have rich wanting for joy,
a heart released, wings to fly.
And those who are still in deeper sleep,
never seen with anger, or dismissal,
no mistake unlovable, no being damned.
How could I ever forget?
Together, we all created this world,
out of our desire, our longing for life,
so full of magic, happiness, and sorrow.
You, a tender gardener, who wiped away
the mirror of my delusion, who wipes away
so many mirrors, tends to so many
gentle seedlings, rich trees, and fertile soil
where no seeds rest yet.
Me, a warm blanket, who hugs with smiles,
radiates warmth, comfort to those who still sleep.
Yes, dear king, I am new to this,
Thank you for watching over my heart,
and in such gentle ways keeping it warm,
keeping it straight on the path of love,
for us all.  Day after day, setting sail
across the river of dreams,
listening deep to the whispers of heart 🙂


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