Collector of Tears

You entered like a vampire
Thirsting for the light that
I exude from deep within my soul
“A magnificent creature” you saw
And in your bloody thirst for radiance
You lunged with all the force and
Bit off from my flesh, my neck,
My spirit, my mind, my soul…
Thief of life and all that is good
Monstrous in your skin-deep beauty
How could you even fathom
That I might let you break my will…
Lies from your mouth, each one
Greater than the last, more convoluted,
That even you get lost in your own
Hideous concoctions of deceit –
Such hate I never saw, never grasped
Before you…
You poison only yourself with such
Impure soul – for I do not let you touch,
And I do not let you take…
I am a collector of tears and memories
I collect them all and lock them away…
My whispers of Love you did not hear
For your ears are not human
My tender embraces you did not feel
For a heart does not beat within you
My dances of light you did not see
For your eyes only see shadows
My kisses of sweetness you did not taste
For you are unable to sense goodness
And your words for me were lost
For all that you utter is false…
You feel no pain and you feel no joy
Nothingness resides within you
Such cruel thoughts and deeds you weave
Such misery and pettiness surrounds you
From Hell you are born
And to Hell you shall return.
I fear you not for I am stronger than you.
I hate you not for I am wiser than you.
I love you not for I am greater than you.
I pity you.

– – – – – – – – – –

Collect your own crocodile tears…


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