Clandestine Deeds

Nothing lasts forever .….
Every time I give a bit of my soul
And each clandestine deed
Is filled with a bit of my heart
The ones who notice
Notice too late
And the ones who don’t
Are soon out of my life
Walking through a forest
Encased by too many trees
In fear of being swallowed
I remain on the single path
Alone .….

What kind of cursed spirit
Would harbor such hate?
After the daggers
Have been thrown
No emotion remains
Numbness sets in
Dizziness abounds
Memories are gone
Of those dumb idiocities .….
I remain silent
And quietly observe
The world passing by
Slowly, just passing by

No desires remain
(Buddhists would be proud)
But no happiness either
Just the stillness of
A windless day
Dreaming of a perfect night
Sleep with no images
Eyes devoid of feeling
Just a tender sensation
Of a slight tingle on my skin
Those hands that want to grab
Those souls that want to devour
Stay away from me

Snowflakes on my mind
Snowflakes on the windows
Words are all gone now
The soul is gone
The smile is gone
The spirit is asleep
But the body walks
Devoid of thoughts .….
Just for now .…. for a little while .….


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