Butterflies’ and Fish’s Dreams …

Like a spider she lures them in her web … but alas, it be no more;
The dreamer is the winner and the loser is a troll!
Look beyond what your eyes can see and
Express emotion through fantasy … play with the breezy passages
and Doom.
Sway your hips, she sings and dances,
Pretend you are a lion, invent new romances.
Ah, but you see, hear, pretensions never go unpunished
Never, never, never …
Children dream of far places where elephants and whales
Breathe in common air and gills and lungs are no more;
To be a child, to be free, to pass as a songless dove,
Can I be the one tonight, the magic and the real?
But, but, but … oh … flowers fly by
Meaningless colors and sounds, unforgettable absurdities.
Is there a God?  Is there Darwin?
Understand the dream, the past, the fool, and the sane,
Copy the words of savants and idiots;
Monkeys see her and speak her language,
Walking down the isle towards an unknown future …
Love … oh, ah, mmm … blue and green and darkness,
In the waters that calm and upset be it the life she seeks.
Crystal legends and fuzzy kittens, deep forests and shallow passages;
Passages …


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