Anonymous Heroes

Anonymous heroes dispersed through time,
you with drive to change the status quo,
there is no limit to what the mind can do,
even in midst of famine and war.
Courage, your loyal companion and
destiny, stranger that never crosses path.
As a cosmic wave you create a new way,
wide open fields where others can play,
and sew seeds that determine humanity’s flow.
Champions of change, progress and love,
some spit upon you, ignorant of forces
that yield to their comfort and endless dances.
Makers of worlds, discoverers of space,
some yet embrace you and give support,
knowing full well that all you do is for them.
You fight, you sing, you dance, you imagine
possibilities, create change wherever you go.
Future is laced with flashes of light for you,
no mountain too high to climb,
no ocean too deep to penetrate through,
and the air all around us, all your playground.


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