Ahead of Death

Oh, how I would love to go over everything and express what lies on my heart,
my broken heart . . .
A lot of tears I shed, not because of life or lost love;
I shed my tears because of death, inevitable death,
eternal darkness and peacefulness, life of spirit, and farewell to this beautiful world . . .
My heart is beating silently and donating eternal love to its life.
I know like a beautiful rose slowly I will fade and disappear forever
in the kingdom of endless dreams, taking with me the loveliest moments of my short life.
There is little time for good~byes, at down, with the shining sun I was born and with it
I will close my eyes inaudibly,
in the sea of beautiful colors I will disappear imperceptibly and stay there
forever . . .
Before I close my sleepy eyes I want to feel all the love,
to hear birds singing and feel a warm hand on my shoulder, in one gaze I want to express,
to show everyone how much I loved . . . how much I love this world.
All sadness from my hart I want to erase, all the tears to forget;
I want to stop this rain from my eyes, to ban this pain from my heart . . .
I want just once again to feel the smile warm my lips, light to fill my eyes,
and to touch what is love in all the souls which will live forever . . .
I want to see snowflakes making the dark night merry and to feel them land on my cheeks;
I want to feel the wind caress my hair; I want to fly through the sky carried by
candor of wonderful love; I want to take the stars in my palms,
and place my reddish lips on the tender petals of a red rose, color of my blood . . .
I want just once more to enjoy life
and then to forget forever, to rinse the pain from my heart,
fly up to the eternity, disappear . . .


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